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Descaling, and/or pickling, is the removal of heavy, tightly adhering oxide films resulting from hot-forming operations, thermal treatments (such as annealing or hardening), or welding. Because most stainless steel products received from the producing mill have been pickled, descaling is required only as a result of subsequent manufacturing

MattWeth. Mar 15, 2012. #2. Looks like a 'hot rod' - very old school - takes the place of a primary coil in the cylinder by pushing water from the heating circuit through a long thin heat exchanger that fits in an immersion heater tapping. I've only ever seen one - I didn't think there would be any still about!

Good morning: Call your local scrap metal merchants for a price per kg/ lb. My OH includes the removal of all waste materials associated with a gas central heating installation in his quotations and adjusts his quotes accordingly if the client wishes to remove all the waste materials. Check with your CORGI as he/she might quote in a similar manner.

Hi I am removing an old coal fireplace in my flat which has a back boiler behind it. The back boiler isn't in use as we use an immersion heater, and there is a square of new plaster on the wall behind as if someone has gained access to bypass it or something.

Jan 26, 2012. #6. If you have tried everything above try this as a last resort! Drill a hole in the centre of the immersion big enough to slide a hacksaw blade in, then cut up to the thread being careful not to cut into thread. Then cut another line 90º from the first cut so your cutting a 1/4 of the immersion out.

The sources of heating water could be the engine cooling system, the back boiler of a stove or a dedicated diesel fired hot water heater. Even solar heating has been used I believe. I mention the above because removing it without knowing its full purpose or operation may leave you without a useful addition.

Copper Cylinders Immersion Heaters Copper Cylinders We would like to thank everyone who entered our Paving competition to the value of €100 from our . Quickview. Any value for my old hot water tank . Jan 28 2008 nbsp 0183 32 Any value for my old hot water tank In my home Does anyone know if it has a scrap value It is a 4 foot indirect copper ...

Evening guys and girls, just a quick question. When asked to look at a faulty immersion heater, do you suggest a plumber ( likely to be faulty element) or do you take a look, test then advise that they need a plumber when it is a faulty element and charge a call out for testing or do you take on the plumbing aspect of the job and change the element yourself.

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Price for scrap copper immersion heater cylinder …. We are removing our immersion water heater – it's a pure copper cylinder, … It wasn't worth our while money wise stripping in this … Selling an old mobile phone? It »More detailed

Don't know about you Dean but if I was removing an immersion heater I would enpty the Cylinder. Click to expand... It's best to get it started a fraction of a turn just to break it free before draining the cylinder, the weight of the water helps hold the shape of the cylinder and stop it buckling or splitting.

Removing and replacing the entire immersion heater is best, but risky and fairly difficult even to us plumbers. Needs correct spanner and given an accurate blow to it to loosen the heater, while water supply if off to cylinder, but with cylinder still full of water.

As I have 3 switch on/off (2 with fuses) that commands my boiler and Immersion heaters, I have played with them and discovered the following : - If I switch off the top Redring immersion heater on my boiler (On peak water heater) but let the Pump and the bottom Thermotech Off peak Immersion heater on, no hot water but Electricity is ok.

With high pressure capacity and sequential cooling, it enables leveling the die temperature and removing any hot area. Optimize: Cycle time. Scrap reduction. Porosity and shrinkage reduction. Mould's durability. Case study. Holding furnace for high pressure die casting. Mounted with immersion aluminium heater TP ® provides the most efficient ...

The supply of end-of-life steel scrap is growing, but residual copper reduces its value. Once copper attaches during hammer shredding, no commercial process beyond hand-picking exists to extract it, yet high-value flat products require less than 0.1 wt pct copper to avoid metallurgical problems. Various techniques for copper separation have been explored in …

6. Scrap Your Water Heater Yourself. For those who are willing to do a little extra job, then you can simply scrap your old water heater and sell the non-ferrous metals that come with the tank. Most gas water heaters come with a regulator, which adds extra value, while the electric water heaters are also worth the money.

We are removing our immersion water heater - it's a pure copper cylinder, not sure how heavy until we get all the water out. It may or may not be the original one which was installed when the house was built in 1963. Does anyone have any …

Electrolytic Rust Removal: Electrolysis can remove rust like magic. I had read about this several times, and finally decided to give it a try on a recent project. I was restoring an older cuckoo clock and found that the battery had been left in, and severely corroded the bat…

When removing an immersion heater, leave as much water in the hot water cylinder as possible. Sometimes a lot of force is required to unscrew an immersion heater. By leaving a mass of water in the cylinder, this will help to prevent the cylinder from warping as you unscrew the heater from its boss.

Storage heater removal services. Storage Heater Recycling. from £95 + VAT. * Parking and/or congestion charges may apply. Call 020 8728 9179. Add to Cart. There are hazards involved in storage heater removal. We don't want …

HI. copper is very valuable secondhand, currently clean cooper (no joints etc on it) is worth about £4 per Kg, and Brassierie copper (with joints and the tank will come into this category) is worth about £2.75 per Kg. Depending on location and amount of copper being removed it could be worth between £50 and £200.

Immersion Water Heater Price India hotwaterbyjim Scrap Metal Thefts This resulted in water spilling into the changing rooms and also took the large immersion heater In all some €8 000 worth of damage playground in Dundalk – again the motive appeared to have been the price criminals can secure for the metal

Price for scrap copper immersion heater cylinder …. Home & Play > In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving … We are removing our immersion water heater – it's a pure copper cylinder, not sure … Not a huge amount … »More detailed